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My Mother has Frustrated me for 25 Years – Iryn Namubiru

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It is not yet over! Iryn Namubiru steps on the table and gives side of her story denying to have sent her mother Justine Namawejje to jail, and saying how her own mother has frustrated her for 25 years!

She’s been disturbed with the rumors coming from the dear mother who has been allegedly
saying statements not entertaining Iryn Namubiru in the process.

However, according to different sources, Justine Namawejje was thrown into prison over the weekend
and it’s been stated that she’s the reason she was remanded.

Furthermore, it’s been noted that the music icon and musician has been on loggerheads with
the mother over a piece of land since last year. Something we hope it is still giving birth to drama in the house.

The land located in Nambale, Mityana District, is said to have belonged to the singer’s
grandfather Godfrey Nyanzi Ssemitego who died in 1998. In the midst of all this, Namubiru is scared and worried for her life due the woes with her mother and land wrangles.

If you can get my mother to tell you whatever I did to her and her children, whatever I have stolen from her and whatever I have not done for her, who the father of my children is, and the people I have killed, what my tribe is , if I am a Muganda or Munyoro or even if she is my mother! I will give you an interview in depth” Iryn Namubiru started her ordeal.

And if there is any apology I have to give, I will. Because this is too much,” she said.
The mother has also often accused her of torment and has always had a thing for her going to
prison. “90 percent of all the miserable, disgusting and false information about me on the internet starts with my own mother that I have not been in contact with for 8 years because of her toxicity!” she continued to spit venom against her mother.

“I am tired of being threatened to be reported to Social Media, bloggers, gossip mongers,
friends and anybody I associate with perpetually just because Maama aba Maama mbu era
tasobya! Nobody has disparaged me as much as my mother has in 25 years!” Iryn Namubiru continued to speak her mind out.

How do I even explain these things to my children,” she added. However, Irene denied these allegations being stated by the mother and said that these are just pinned accusations on her as she shared on social media.

And NO! I have not put my MOTHER in Prison SHE IS NOT and HAS NOT BEEN IN PRISON
over the last few days, just like I have never filed any case against her in COURT like she is
telling people now ! I have not and have never! This has got to Stop!” ended Iryn Namubiru.


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