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Mutaasa Kafeero Daughter Mastulah Goes N@ked While Displaying Her Tattoos

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She calls herself MarsceyBarbie on Instagram, but her names are Mastulah Kafeero, fathered by city tycoon Mutaasa Kafeero. She has gone rouge when she decided to flaunt her curvy body displaying half of her cake thus leaving many men pocketing.

Recently, she appeared on her Instagram account, clearly showing that whatever she is doing, she does it with full sanity, she posted her half n@ked photos asserting that her life is her rules. Meaning that no one has a right to direct her on what to do.

Hey Babe MarsceyBarbie your life, your rules” Mastulah Kafeero captioned on of her pics. She did this as she flaunted her curves and showed off her newly acquired tattoos. This sent the h0rny men into a dramatic uproar asserting that they have been served to hard muscles and all they wanted was to have a share on her cake.


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Mastulah photos

Who is Mastulah Kafeero aka MarsceyBarbie and her job?

She is tycoon Mutasa Kafero’s daughter who stays in Washington DC, United States. She is a prominent businesswoman who deals in Sunglasses and luxurious human hair.

More so, she is a fully licensed Cosmetologist who has earned a fortune from the job and has been placed high financially, putting her father’s filthy riches aside.



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