MUST READ: Things You Missed While in the Internet Ban

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Well, welcome back our dear Ugandans, the sons and daughters of the Pearl of Africa, sons and daughters of the sun. We are back and here to open to you, about what you missed when the internet ban was put in effect in Uganda. Here is what you missed, the top jazz.

Ugandans Voted

While you were away, Ugandans stormed polling stations, the lined up and voted for their 10th president. In a well organized voting exercise ever, Uganda hit a record of a peaceful election with less that 200 election violence cases across the country. Did you know that men voted more than women yet the number of women is bigger than that of men in the country?

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Won

Yes, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is the president elect of the Republic of Uganda. He won the election with nearly 59%. His rival Kyagulanyi Ssentamu came second with nearly 35%. However, Kyagulanyi refuted the results and vowed to take a new course of action during the internet ban. And did you know that Ugandans’ darling Katumba John came third last?

Government Websites Hacked

Yes, the other part of it is that two government major websites were hacked into by the usual Anonymous Uganda. This time it was Anonymous x64 that took on the Parliament of Uganda’s website, The Electoral Commission website.

His reason for hacking and releasing the secrets of the government of Uganda is that, he wanted people to get back internet as it was an abuse of human rights. And he vowed to release more confidential information.

Bobi Wine House Arrest

After the elections, the Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Robert and the NUP party president. Held a press conference as the votes counting was still going on refuting the results. He said he had won with a landslide as per his UVote App results tally.

He was later on attacked by a swarm of army men taking over his home, and up to now, he can not leave the house. This is a counter measure to safeguard him from a possible assassination by unknown people, according to the Army press release.

Media Attacked

The media and some journalists were attacked and stopped from releasing votes results, and warned to let the role be taken over by a few television stations and radios This was evident when a one journalkist from NBS Television Daniel Lutaaya was forced to delete his elections tweets during the internet ban in Uganda.

A one Busoga radio was put off air by Uganda Communications Commission after the presenters were calling one by one polling agents to give results on air. Facebook live broadcasts were tampered with. These among others, happened countrywide. Plus kidnaps of NUP polling agents and killing of some by shooting at them.

NRM Ministers Pushed Out

Yes, the elections got heated up, the votes cast showed how many NRM MPs and Ministers including the Vice President Edward Ssekandi  were kicked out on the political table. Prominent Minsiters like Amelia Kyambadde, Judith Nabakooba among others are tearing of now.

Zaake Francis Shot

As Bobi Wine was consistently put under a possible house arrest, his right hand and comrade Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake was beaten up by the army. More so, he was allegedly shot at and he is currently in Rubaga hospital fighting for his life during the internet ban.

That is all we have got for you, now that you are updated about everything, let us get back to our usual vibe, we love, we share and we spread peace over hate. Bless!


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