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Must Read: How to be a Stingy Man, a Complete Guide

A complete Introduction to How one Can belong to the Stingy Men Association

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Over time, Men have been looking for something that could unite them under one umbrella, thinking the same and doing the same in vain. Until the Stingy Men Association (SMA) was introduced in the system, and within a flash of time, the association has picked momentum. But many men are wondering how to be part of this and here we bring to you a full and complete guide on how to successfully be a stingy man and still get anything from those daughters of Eve.

Before you go on, make sure you are stingy or you plan to be one, without that in you, you will be reading trash and demoralize the potential candidates. Otherwise, get your sit and firm your eyes, read this to the end, remember to thank us after by emailing us at

For starters, who is a stingy man/person? he is that who is loaded, has some money on his wallet, it is always happy but they do not let that ka money leave their wallets no matter what. This is mostly scaled on the weight of giving it out to women for luxurious purposes or on grounds of giving a handout to ladies.

But hey, ever since the days of Before Christ, men have been giving to women free handouts, but now we are in the 21st Century, men say they are tired, so it is time to be stingy!. So precisely, learn to be stingy and be enrolled to the SMA, save some ka good money and still get that leg or whatever it can be.

Do not be Available Always

Yes, those daughters of Eve love attention, care and always available men whenever they cry out. That means that when she cries out, the male gender will have to listen, and listening means unzipping that wallet! So to be successfully a stingy man, never be available whenever they need you to be. In this, you will not be condemned for being a stingy man because they did not reach you to hear the stories.

Never Promise to Give Her

If you want to be successful in this thing, listen brother, we all know the other gender some times asks for some ka dime, but if you wish to be stingy, do not promise her anything. And do not dream of sending her anything even if it is for surprise purposes. This is how you can play it, when she successfully asks for your financial help, tell her that “let me see whether it can be possible or not”.

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Leave room for yourself for change of mind just incase she insists and asks you “wakomye kuki sebo?” (meaning how did you conclude sir?). In here, you are in position to tell her how you failed, from there, do not add any other word, let the conversation hang in there. She will not curse you and she will still stick by you. You have won bro!

Pay Small Small Bills and By Yourself

Now, here is another guide to wholly save your ka wallet from opening fwaaa, when she asks for money for paying her yaka bills, ask for the yaka meter number. Again, do not pay the whole bill you are told, just pay for that day’s bill, around 2 units or less!

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Again, when she asks for transport do not make a mistake, it is a trap! ask her to board a jaj or Uber. Then wait for her from outside the house, pay the transport fares and get her in. The rest you will not be denied anything, you paid transport! Now enjoy bro.

Always Avoid Being So Close to Her Friends

Her friends are a trap in disguise, all stingy men should know this, they are the gateway to her excuses, she can use them to fake her problems and above all, they can easily make you forget that you are in the SMA. This can be done in a way of asking their ‘in-law’ (you) to take them out for treats, or make calls to you when she can not reach you to ask for that ‘urgent’ help. Be alert.

Be a Tough Man

Remember, whenever you are known for being a tough man, they will fear to ask you. If they go beyond the boundaries and ask you for that dime, they will not insist when you tell them that you do not have. Yes that is how this trick works. Even if you are not naturally tough, fake fake that ka toughness at least when you are in your happy moods and sad ones. Be TOUGH.

Stop Jumping Into Random Belles

You know, men make mistakes off jumping on whoever they see so long as she has what he ‘needs’ as a man or what his lust scale goes for. So

With these main ways of being a stingy man, we are very sure that you will always win your game, you will not be referred to as a stingy person. Besides that, it is your money even, and the president SMA can easily terminate your membership when he comes to learn that you gave out anything similar to money.

Remember not to forget that you are stingy, you are obliged not to give out money, and you should be on top of your game. Till then, yours truly, Times Uganda.


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