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Musically You Need to Consult Me- Gravity Fires Back at GNL Zamba.

The ongoing verbal war between two Ugandan rappers has taken a new twist after one GNL Zamba branded fellow rappers unappreciative and “Empty Tins” something that has provoked many artists.
Gravity Omuttujju has lost his cool and retaliated back spitting venom as he fires at GNL Zamba a loser, Smoker and “Wife” in the house who has lost track and sense of direction.

The drama ensued when Zamba felt demeaned by Gravity and always underrating his efforts to revive the HipHop music genre in the country that is highly dominated by Afro beat  fused with Jamaican vibe.
In a lengthy post, Gravity has expressed his discomfort with the way GNL Zamba has conducted himself in his response.

Ssebbo nsimbi:I heard u say.when u sampled Elly Wamala’s (R.I.P)ani yali amannyi? U credited him on the song and when I sampled Paul Kafero’s (R.I.P) WALUMBE ZAYA (a classic) I never credited him ..Were u sober posting this? is it fear that takes over u whenever u listen to the masterpiece or is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so u don’t hear ma credits? Thats why i dont smoke nor booze so to keep ma mind sober n fresh like a newborn and put ma ear on da ground, , listen to the oppressed majority’s problems and raise them to the concerned (GOVERNMENT) #BATUJOZENYO” Gravity opened up with hot blows.

First take cigarettes off yo ears ssebo (I hear its a habbit) if u were looking for relevancy you could have called me nenkuwa plan..even the generation yo used to sing for are now grown n busy in worries of their dieing businesses that the government closed during the pandemic. ..Mr try some other business if u had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consultant me…..”Gravity threw last punshes to the legendary HipHop star GNL Zamba.

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