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Mr Henrie admits missing Prima Kardashi

Mr Henrie got the real feeling of being used and dumped by a cougar after his recent break up with Prima Kardashi. Rumors spread like wild fire that Prima while on a vacation in Dubai served her bleached beans to socialite Meddie Moore who hit them and took her to cloud nine, a thing Mr. Henrie had never done.

And on returning to Uganda, the couple didn’t last long as they quickly broke up. Prima while appearing in a local TV interview said that Mr. Henrie was too good and perfect for her.

Weird reason to break up with someone right?

Despite all this, Henrie seems to be still in love with self styled Mama Lusaniya. While celebrating his 27th birthday, Mr. Henrie admitted to still missing her. He said that he was used to Prima and her two daughters Sorayah and Solange being around him on such days.

And trying to downplay the impact they had in his life would only be to fool himself. He went ahead that he spent the entire day with his phone on alert hoping that maybe she would send him a text but nothing came through.

“I won’t lie honestly I do miss them and in such days, it becomes more significant. This is because if you are used to having a family and you wake up without them anymore, you feel so lonely. Some times I’m always there by my phone thinking that maybe she might send me a text message with a happy birthday but that is life and everything happens for a reason,” said Mr Henrie.

Questioned if he misses Sorayah and Solange calling him Daddy Henrie, the Galaxy FM radio presenter said that they had never referred to him as daddy. He was always uncle Henrie as their father Geosteady is there and they know him.

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