Minister For ICT Judith Nabakooba ‘Suspends’ New Artiste Regulations

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The minister for information and communication technology  Judith Nalule Nabakooba yesterday had a private meeting with most of the stakeholders in the art and entertainment industry following the recent rules and regulations enacted towards creating ‘sanity’ in the industry attended by Ragga Dee and Sophia Gomba among others.

The meeting that was attended by top creative arts, content creators, and concept developers had put the government to task on how they came up with ‘oppressive’ regulations without the content of the performing acts.

However, in the heated up meeting, representatives of various categories tasked the government to drop the rules asserting that the enacted rules are not favorable and it was aimed at suppressing the rights of the performing arts and content creators.

Meanwhile, the government scammed to pressure and ‘suspended’ the said regulations that were enacted the had created a lot of controversy in the entertainment industry.  Below are the regulations that were put in place to ‘control’ the industry.

Here are the tough conditions set for artistes;

  1. An actor or a musician to carry out any show or to perform in any show must first seek permission from the committee which will be formed by both UCC and Ministry of ICT, the committee will decide the amount one will pay to be given that permission.
  2. A special committee has been formed to analyze any play or a song or a film Before premiering it or recording it from the studio the committee must first go through it and if any changes do happen, still the committee must be informed.
  3. A play or song be it a film written in local languages before going to the committee to get permission one must first rewrite or translate them in English.
  4. Video/film producers, photographers who take photos of artists before doing any business with artists, they must first seek permission from the committee.
  5. A musician before recording any video of the approved song has to first seek permission from the committee and also must inform the committee of the venue he/she is going to record from and even must include in all materials to be used in the video.
  6. It will be a crime for any artist to perform in any show or in the public without a license from the ministry of ICT.
  7. A committee may be forced to ask a musician or a video/film producer a ransom before recording the video so that she/he does not break the laws and guidelines the committee has given them to follow while recording the video.

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