MASKS OFF: Mayhem as Health Minister Dr Jane Ruth Acieng Addresses People Without Masks On

Who is Fooling Who?

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Wonders keep poping up in the land of milk and honey, or call it the Pearl of Africa, Uganda as those who make laws break them first before they reach citizens, and those who put on guidelines go over them before they are followed, then let us bring to you our good Minister of Health Dr Jane Ruth Acieng’s dramatic act.

Internet went into utter shock when pictures of Dr Ruth Acieng landed on social media while she was addressing a big number of people in a possible mini campaign in her home place Lira while she was visibly not putting on a face mask as a precautionary measure she herself put in place to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Uganda.

The mask is seen lying on on a table where she was addressing the people from and the people she was addressing were not having the masks on too. The comfortably speaking Minster was seen escorted by a police officer who had the mask on something that called for insults from social media scribes and getting to a verdict that Ugandans are just being fooled by the virus when the masters are enjoying freedom.

It should be noted that Dr Ruth Jane Acieng recently announced her intent to stand in for the Member of Parliament of Lira and she showed her concern to be a reply to ‘those people’ who are begging her to represent them. It is however learnt that she has started campaigns although they are not scientific yet she has not resigned from her current position as a Minister of Health as required by the constitution. Who is fooling who?


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Jane Ruth AcengJane Ruth AcengJane Ruth Aceng


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