Manafwa Residents Engaged in A fierce Fight With Police Officers Injuring 4

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News coming in from Eastern Uganda as learned by this News Website has it that four police officers have been critically injured after engaging in a nasty deadly fight with locals from Kaatoand Bunabutsale sub-county in Manafwa District.

The District Residents Commissioner one Ashamed Washaki confirmed the development which saw four of the law enforcement officers injured and admitted at the nearest health facility after battling with the locals with machetes and stones as they (Locals)  we’re celebrating the ‘Imbalu’ Cultural norm of circumcision.

The fight is said to have erupted due to failure by the locals to observe the Government and health directives in regard to stopping the spread of COVID 19, with SOPs not followed as they were reported to have been crowded while practicing their cultural norms of “Imbalu” male Circumcision.

The RDC asserted that this development however compelled the authorities and security to swing into action but rather the locals turned rowdy and fought back mercilessly injuring the officers on duty who he reveals that never fought back to harm the residents.

4 POLICE officers have been critically injured by a group of people from Kaato and Bunabutsale Subcounty who had gathered in huge numbers to engage in Imbalu festivities in defiance of Health guidelines, SOPs and Inzu Ya Masaaba directive not to engage in Crowding during this COVID 19 PANDEMIC.

Manafwa Residents Engaged in A fierce Fight With Police Officers Injuring 4

This happened today in Namakhele, Bumukhama, Bunabutsale Subcounty in Manafwa District.

Police had gone to inform them not to risk putting people’s lives in danger by Crowding in one place which could cause infection of COVID 19.

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They had carried stones, pangas, and sticks which they used to cut and hit the police officers.

2 people believed to have been among the attackers also sustained slight injuries from their fellow attackers.

This is therefore to appeal to the people of Manafwa District to desist from defying SOPs and also attacking law enforcement officers during this COVID 19 period.

I want to also commend the professionalism displayed by our police officers when they faced this attack to avert casualties.

Manafwa Residents Engaged in A fierce Fight With Police Officers Injuring 4

Thanks to the health workers who are tirelessly working on the injured.” RDC She’s Washaki explained.

The RDC however has warned the locals from going against the directives asserting that they stand a risk of spreading the deadly pandemic coronavirus in the names of celebrating culture as well as being at risk of facing the wrath of the law.

He further appreciated the health team for turning up and saving lives of the injured personals, information equally has it that some of the locals have severely been beaten and injured to near death but fled off for fear of being convicted.

We shall keep you posted on the latest development as events unfold.

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