Man Strangles and Takes Wife’s Life on Adultery Allegations

Police is is currently hunting for a man who ran away incognito after strangling and taking his own wife’s life. This happened on allegations that she was doing adultery on him with another man of the same village. This happened today at around mid day as domestic violence cases shoot up in Uganda.

The man killer, Mr. Asaba Andrew takes his wife’s life Bonabana Jane after accusing her for having an extra marital affair (adultery) with a not yet established man. This forced him (Asaba) to wait for her at home and strangle her to death. The area defense secretary confirms this gruesome act.


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More so, on the same note, study suggests that only today, more than 3 cases of the same kind have been reported throughout social media and citizens are calling upon the ministry of gender to do somethinbg or else lose more people this period.


Adultery is a voluntary s3xual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse in marriage. Adultery has made many marriages scatter and fall apart while it has led to many deaths cases as well.

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