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Man Makes Money ‘Rain’ on Streets After His Friend Died and Left it Behind

An unidentified man has done the unthinkable as he made money rain on the streets of Time Squire in New York. The story behind this reckless money throwing spree is a very hard to talk about, and a very sad in its way, however much many people benefited from it. He remembers singer Joe Kush.

This all was done as he said a lot of painful words from his heart saying that his friend worked so hard to earn the money. And then he died in the names of Joe Kush, a singer who got killed in cold blood, thus leaving some ‘pieces’ of dollars that he left behind.

So since Joe Kush was a ‘raining’ man, his friend decided to take the money to the streets and make it rain on the Times Squire in New York. This left people fighting to collect the money here and there, as as a matter of fact, many went so happy with more dollars for the day to celebrate Jo’s life.

Today a friend of mine died, he was a rain man and his name is Joe Kosh, he got killed and there was some pieces that remained that he never finished, right here. He was a dude that made good money and got killed for nothing. I am doing this to commemorate him.” The unidentified man said as he threw bills of dollars in the air. He says Joe Kush should rest in peace.


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Security tried to interrupt him and stop him, he clearly told them to leave him and instead collect on the money he was throwing up. As this would be a once in a life time chance. “Its for the people bro, this is all I wanna do for my friend, it is for him. If his family is watching me, DM me so that you get on the pieces” he concluded.

Watch video of man throwing money at Time Squire

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