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Man Dies a Day After His Wedding, Shocked Wife Goes Into Comma

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Shock covered people after a bizarre happening rocked their land when a newly wedded young man dies a day just after his wedding. This wedding took place on the 5th of December 2020 and this man dies a day later on. His in sheer pain wife was left shocked and sent to comma.

We learn this story through a friend to the deceased that Roy Watulo 26, had just wedded his lovely wife with a very marvelous wedding ceremony. He further asserts that Roy was neither sick, now having any ill health related issue. And that is why his wife was sent into comma because it is a real life shocker.

However much the cause of Roy Watulo’s death is not yet established, people close to him largely believe it was the external force applied through the African chemistry (juju). More so, it is being believed that the jealous of people could not allow the youthful couple to enjoy themselves thus killing one of them. May Roy’s soul rest peacefully in paradise.


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Photos of the Wedding

Man dies after his wedding Times Uganda

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