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Maddox Ssematimba Never To Move Without His Band Again

Legendary raggae singer Maddox Ssematimba has alerted all promoters especially those outside Uganda that want him to go and perform that he will no longer move anywhere without his band. Maddox Ssematimba said this as he was flying out of the country to perform in the UK.

Talented Maddox advised promoters who plan to book him in the future that, for the sake of maintaining his quality, he will no longer travel anywhere without his band. ‘Namagembe’ hit maker Maddox has been in the music industry for so many years but his songs never fade away and he even doesn’t release new music like any other artistes.

Without any new music, Maddox still is one of the most expensive artistes to book for a show because he has maintained his quality of music and professionalism. In Uganda like any other African countries, content creators like artistes don’t earn a lot through social media like YouTube. Artistes earn more through stage performing and other gigs like influencing for big brands or being ambassadors for some brands as they keep releasing new songs.

For Maddox Ssematimba, it is the opposite for his career. Most of his songs don’t even have music Videos and those that have videos, the quality is outdated because they were released long time ago. But with his talent of performing live on Band, Maddox has kept his music alive and fans always don’t get enough of it.

Maddox was recently booked to go perform in the UK something that is not happening to artistes who release music every now and then. According to Maddox, his quality of music and his band has kept his career live even without any new songs so people that book him anywhere should be planning for his band too because he wants to keep his quality which comes with the band.

“I am happy that I am going to perform in the UK but people especially promoters should know this is the last time I am moving without my band. I have kept the quality of my music with the band so I want to always move with it,” Maddox said

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