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Maama Fiina Pledges to Bewitch Peter Ssematimba

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Local herbalist Maama Fiina has called upon Peter Ssematimba’s lovers for free charm as she’s
willing to bewitch him at no cost.

She says, as long as a lady wants to have a stable marriage with Peter Ssematimba, she should call upon her since the herb will cure him of his recently discovered illness of not settling with one woman and cheating.

Just in case, any woman has interests in tying down Ssematimba, she should not look any further since Maama Fiina has all it takes to have him in any woman’s confines and at no cost. Mama Fina discloses on a local television.

To prove her confidence in the charm, Mama Fina said that whoever uses the charm and finds Peter Ssematimba cheating on her after should report so that Mama Fina can quit dealing in African Chemistry.

Despite this, Mama Fina could not help but express her shock at the fact that Peter Ssematimba a former Member of Parliament could sleep with a house help and impregnate her of all men.

In her view, Ssematimba’s outlook and self-presentation in public is a great contrast to the
allegations that have recently surrounded his name. In the same regard, Maama Fiina disagreed with Pastor Sempa’s claim that Ssematimba should apologize to all pastors claiming that some Pastors have already done worse things so he should cut us some slack.

These reactions were stirred after one Joan came out to claim she had a child with Ssematimba and now he is trying to claim custody of the baby. Even Honorable Miria Matembe could not help but react to the situation.


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