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Lynda Ddane asks hackers to post interesting things

Media personality Lynda Ddane is currently panicking after her Instagram account got hacked by an anonymous person. And this person has reportedly threatened to release her adult content including videos and photos. A check through her Instagram account shows two recent video uploads. All these read one thing saying that ‘You have been hacked.’

The NTV Da Beat co-host took to her Twitter page to provide an update about the hacks. Lynda Ddane posted angry emojis alongside a crying one. Later in another tweet, Lynda lashed out at the hackers by saying that at least they should post something interesting because of the hustles they go through to hack someone’s page.

“If you are to go through all the trouble to hack into someone’s account atleast post something interesting,” she tweeted.

Lynda Ddane as of now might appear but deep inside someone should reach out and comfort her in case her account had dirty things in her DM. The media personality who hosts the D’Hook program on KFM a few years ago while still working at UBC had a several adult photos of her surfaced. Nobody really cared about them because she was still unpopular and didn’t have a thick body as she has right now.

Right now a lot of men lust after her curves and if this content was to come out, it would surely make news. This is not the first time a famous person in Uganda is having their accounts hacked. The likes of Mc Kats, Judith Heard, Juliana Kanyomozi among others have l had their accounts illegally entered into. It was however Judith Heard who suffered the most as her dirty images were released before she regained access to the account.

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