LoveFest and Sitya Danger Concerts, where will you go?

It seems like ghetto fast rising singer Patrick Mulwana aka Alien Skin has decided to retaliate against Pallaso musicially and businesswise rather than getting physical and violent. And he has tipped on Sitya Danger concert over Love Fest.

This all happened after Alien Skin announced how he will be holding a concert this week on 9th June 5, 2023 dubbed Sitya Danger. It is going to take place at Freedom City, Namasuba. This is the same day that Pallaso’s Love Fest concert will be going down at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

“On 9th Of this month all roads lead to Freedom City In Sitya Danger Concert ffena Tubeyo Security Tight Sitya Danger Concert or Love Festival! Choose wisely..” Alien Skin informed in his social media posts.

It should be remembered that, Pallaso a few days ago beat up Alien Skin who he accused of disrespecting him. After this incident, Pallaso has since been apologizing to the Tonkaka singer but to no avail. The Sitya Danger singer has maintained his stand, and said everything will end in concerts and people will come to know who is who musically.

After threats of coming against him physically, Alien Skin it seems has decided to sabotage the Malamu singer’s much awaited concert and also profit from it. Pallaso has spent months preparing and advertising the concert and even shipped in his family who he hadn’t seen in a decade.

Jose Chameleone even a  while ago revealed that Pallaso’s concert was supposed to happen before his Gwanga Mujje concert but Pallaso let his go first. It’s now waited to see which concert between the two will pull numbers and sell out. And we ask you, which concert will you attend? Sitya Danger concert or Love Fest?

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