List of Top Comedians in 2020. Who Entertained Most?

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Local Comedy is on the rise in Uganda as a way of keeping people busy and away from the worries and
struggles of the global pandemic. These local comedians made their way into people’s lives the moment
they hit the airwaves in the lock down and they sure are here to stay. Here is the list of top comedians that ruled the industry 2020.

Emmanuel SSebakigye

He is a member of the comedy files. During the lock down, Emma decided to come up with a skit that
left most Ugandans yearning for more. He gave birth to a famous radio caller by the names of Mama Joan who neatly scrutinizes current affairs, celebrity gossip, personal matters and so many other things.

The massive reception that these particular skits received was amazing that he hit his mark of 100k subscribers on YouTube. Mama Joan became a darling to all online listeners that they are more than eager for another episode of her humor to drop.

Bizonto Comedy

Also known as Volongoto is a group of Ugandan comedians who make funny, nerve wrecking,
interesting comic videos. The Bizonto came to limelight when Alex Muhangi offered them a stage on his
show to Ugandans who wanted a good laugh what they had.

They also recently made headlines after releasing a satirical comedy on July 15 that pointed out on the ethnic and regional appointments in Uganda. This video went viral with over 2 million views on YouTube. In this particular video they criticized the imbalance in government’s appointment to top security, electoral and financial governance positions.

These videos are characterized with truth, facts and humor. The satire used while at it is commendable
and so is their courage at using arts to air out their voices. The four comedians, Julius SSerwanja, Mbabaali Maliseri, Ssabakaaki Peter and Gold Ki Matono are surely comedians to look out for this year

Alex Muhangi (Comedy Store)

The timing was perfect for Alex Muhangi proprietor Comedy Store Uganda to take things to another
level if he wanted to survive and also continue his trade of giving Ugandans a good laugh. He introduced
Scientific comedy that had him take small numbers of people putting in mind the Ministry of Health

With all the comedians under his umbrella this was surely going to work for them. The online family always had a good time of these carefully woven skits from our favorite comedians. Time during
the lock was really worth a good laugh. As we wait for the launch of Covid taxi loyal fans is what
Ugandans will continue to be.

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Anne Kansiime

If you haven’t heard of her then you probably don’t know anything about Uganda’s comic industry. She
is probably Africa’s best comedienne. Born and Bred in Kigezi, Ann was formerly preforming with fun
factory at the National theatre which she still does.

The proprietor of Kubby’s and Kansiime Backpackers also decided to air shot skits dubbed ‘Don’t Mess with Kansiime’ that depict things that happen in a typical human being’s life. It doesn’t really stop at being a comedienne, Ann is also a businesswoman with some ventures to her name.

If you ever want a good laugh that your ribs hurt don’t hesitate to check out her sitcom. She makes it to the top comedians 2020 Uganda.

Mr. Frost

As his commonly called, Mr. Frost has compiled interviews, skits that have had people laughing
endlessly. He does the unimaginable duets and interviews with personalities you can ever think of. His
satirical skits as it is being hard enough to believe but leave you with no option than have a good time
watching them.

He compiles skits from Nigerian movies to politics to celebrity just name it and his gat
you covered. Having started this brand in July 2020, it was just the perfect timing for Ugandans stuck at
home with nothing to do because of the lockdown that still had no light at the end of the tunnel.

He makes it to the top comedians 2020 Uganda, and we look forward to see him become a huge household name in the industry.

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