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List of Top Best Hotels in Uganda 2021

In case you are around the central city of Kampala, you maybe wondering which are the best
and top hotels Uganda 2021 where you can find accommodations, both international and local cuisines, plus high quality services.

Although there are traditional hotels known for always treating their clients with the standard
of a five-star hotel, many other hotels have also come up to compete for prominence in the hotel business.

Despite the presence of Covid-19, clients can be assured of utmost care as well as hygienic
conditions which shall prevent them from contracting the virus while visiting the country or
spending a night.

Moreover, these hotels have been approved my Ministry of Health to keep working thanks to
their adherence to the standard operating procedures. Here are the city’s current best hotels to

1. Pearl of Africa Hotel

top and best hotels in nUganda 2021

Although it has only recently been established, the hotel is already ranking among the best
thanks to it’s high quality services and also, it’s strategic location in the heart of Kampala. The hotel offers venues for parties, conferences, residence facilities and more. The artistic hotel makes it to the list of top and hotels in Uganda as of 2021.

2. Mestil Hotel and Residence

Mestil hotel best hotels Uganda 2021

In city suburb of Nsambya, the great Mestil hotel resides. Aside from offering hotel services, it also
provides residences to clients and you can choose to stay there on a long term basis. It also makes it to the list of top and hotels in Uganda as of 2021.

3. Sheraton hotel

Sheraton hotel Kampala best hotels Uganda

As years run for 365 days, Sheraton has lived to see various years come and go yet the hotel is
still one of the most prestigious in the country. You surely would not want to miss out on this. The services offered at the hotel range from rooms to conferences.

4. Serena hotel

Serena hotel best hotels Uganda

Ageless as time, Serena hotel had still maintained her charm after all these years always
drawing more and more clients to herself. Visit the Serena hotels for a magnificent experience. The rooms are relatively pocket friendly, and the hotel offers variety of services.

5. Hotel Africana

best and top hotels Uganda 2021

Right from the songs back in the days, the veteran musicians spoke of paying visits to Africana.
Haven’t you ever wondered what lies within the walls of Africana, in case of troubling your
mind, visit the hotel and be sure you’ll be thrilled. The hotel makes it to the list of top and best hotels in Uganda as of 2021.


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6. Latitude 0 degrees

best hotels Uganda 2021

Another new kid on the block, Latitude 0 degrees is one of the country’s best hotels. It is a
combination of local and exotic blends which produces an exceptional mix that you wouldn’t
want to miss out on.

In case you are visiting Kampala city, look no further, these places shall truly offer you the best
services throughout your stay in the Pearl of Africa and even give you reason to come and visit
again. The hotel makes it to the list of top and best hotels in Uganda as of 2021

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