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List of Top 10 Single Sexy Ladies on Twitter That Put Ugandan Men on Tenterhooks Daily

We are back again, this time bigger and better as we unleash to you the most gorgeous, beautiful and bootylicous single sexy ladies on Twitter. These do nothing apart from putting Ugandan men on tenterhooks, disorganize their thinking abilities, and above all they are hardly available for grabs.

You will have to forget about the previous lists we have made for you, about the most influential tweeps and most handsome men on Twitter. For this case, you brace yourself to be left amazed with these well created beauties of Twitter. Let is now take you through, hope you are ready!

10. Lynn Mubiru

This pretty daughter of Eve features on the list of top single and sexy ladies/women on Twitter that disorganize men. She has those colors of a true African woman, she rarely wears make up, and yes, she is on the point. Her Twitter following is shooting in power, and most of them are men! Now you click…

Lynn Mubiru
Lynn Mubiru

09. Rita Arinaitwe Styles

This great Economist is undoubtedly one of the best bootylicious and well endowed women on Twitter currently.  With her strong Kiga appearance, killer healing smile and power to command respect. Rita Styles is well known for being real and open minded about her Tweets, but she low key kills men inside with her curves that are seen so rarely.

She recently caused an uproar when she tweeted about how she thinks her ex-lover isn’t getting the care he should be getting of recent, and all men were seen wondering why she doesn’t move on and choose them! Her Twitter is also active.

Rita Styles
Rita Styles

08. Carol Atuhaire

Apart from being a free soul, Atuhaire Carol started to attract attention of men when she got so close to people well known on Twitter. After this, her pictures started to make rounds, and hey, she is a gorgeous!

Coupling her hard working capabilities she showcases with her deep smile, one would wish to have her for himself forever. Even the non Casanovas, Carol Atuhaire is a real catch for them. Simple, curvy and warm, are her things. Her Twitter is active also.

Carol Atuhaire

07. Jamie Namulema

Many will not believe that she is a single lady and of class, until they start associating with her. That is when they can understand that she is an all round beauty. Jamie Namulema is the CEO of Jamie African Bag, a clear sign that as much as she appears on this list of single sexy women on Twitter Uganda, she has what to escort her beauty.

Men that would be met describing her, would be saying that she is a whole vibe. She got the curves, yes, her behind view is organized and skin complexion is on point with that original African touch.

Jammie Namulema Most beautiful Twitter

06. Ka Maliaka

The proprietor Cjay Home Solutions is yet featuring again on another list, yes because she has a lot to offer, and beauty is inclusive. She lives classy, thus attracting class, she smiles all day and it is hard to know whether she is off or on mood.

Her power to thrive and own what she believes in, keeps men crying silently, wishing and building castles on when and how to get to her. She is single, sexy, hardworking. By the way men, she has some nice nice… check her out!

Ka Maliaka Uga Woman
Ka Malaika

04. Esther Birungi

Finally you have reached her, we bet you were hoovering around to see whether the daughter of the Kabale land is on the list. She is not only beauteous, but she is a dreamer, CEO, go getter, and all. If black is really beauty, then why don’t we make her be our 4th top beauty on Twitter in Uganda that makes men salivate?

She is the CEO The Birungi Charities, her love sparks from charity, she is known for her boldness and capabilities to overcome barriers. She more so, bootylicious and in that when she posts her full pictures on Twitter, hungry men are seen knocking heads on  walls. She is a true definition of enthralling!

Esther Birungi most beautiful ladies on twitter uganda
Esther Birungi

03. Lynda Ddane

Yes, let her hold the crown so firm, because she has held it for long, and this goes with no doubt that this captivating beauty, Lynda Ddane leaves 90% of men on Twitter on tenterhooks. First of all, she is a hardworking lady, class is there, she smiles sweet with that sexy gap in her dental formulae.

Although she is in the spotlight, she is calm, lovely and she respects the fact that she is full of booty and everything not a random man can yearn for. If we ask around, no man can fail to describe her, and we bet, she would be described in more than 30 ways.

Lynda Ddane
Lynda Ddane

02. Methia Lydia Nabawanda

Again, she appears! well, research shows us clearly that apart from being known for being a YouTuber, she is a very hardworking lady, she loves class actually its her other name. She is one of the most sought for ladies on Twitter and she trends always.

The all reason for all this is that she is a beauty. She has the fascinating curves, she is single and she is sexy. If there is any man out there that has never had a thought of of of… then he is a liar! You will think she is fine and gorgeous while seated there, then you will believe her angelic looks when she pulls that simple smile. She is the second on the list of sexy single ladies on Twitter in Uganda.


Lydia Methia Nabawanda
Lydia Methia

01. Faridah Nakazibwe

This is still a shocker, as most of you had thought that the list is gonna get fake, but bibasaze! yes, muswadde! And what would it be if the dopiest and adorable Faridah Nakazibwe missed the list? Well, we shall not talk much about her, but we all accept that she is single, smiling, elegant, and gorgeous.

Even if you gaze at her pictures of 10 years ago, you the double beauty you witness currently. We even think that is the reason even why men fear to hit at her! Her appearance commands respect and causes tremors.

But this is a humble request, men we should agree that we let her be, let that beauty stay for long untouched, unhurt. She deserves all that. And she comes in at the number one most lovely, sexy single and beautiful ladies on Twitter of Uganda.


most beautiful women on twitter uganda 2021
Faridah Nakazibwe


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