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Bruno K Yet Again Blows His Love Trumpets For Faridah Nakazibwe

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“Mwana w’bandi” Faridah Nakazibwe has certainly got Bruno K’s heart in her fives as the musician can’t help but release songs in her honour.

Recently, Bruno K has yet again released a song which features a wedding ceremony to honor of his undying love for Faridah. The song dupped “Leero Mbaga” surely spits Bruno K’s intentions towards Faridah.

Prior to this, Bruno K had also released “Faridah” in which various pictures of the successful media personality littered the video background and you could without doubt tell that the song was sending a message over to her.

The two since became inseparable to an extent that Bruno entrusted his daughter Briella’s upbringing in the hands of Faridah while he also stepped up as the daddy figure in Faridah’s daughters’ lives.

Since confessing his love for Faridah, Bruno K had never batted an eye lash and all his focus and love had since been centered towards the NTV news anchor.

Despite rumours that came out implicating Bruno K for having an affair with a certain “kadama,” his only response was a new music release which without doubt was further establishing and unleashing his love for Faridah.

Even if the news anchor has never come out to refute or agree to the allegations in regards to her relationship with Bruno K, her social media handles certainly indicate a cordial relationship between the two.

Watch and download Leero Mbaga here;

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