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La Poroni’s Bar Trending Bill, Finally We Know its Owner

Ugandans were sent to utter shock after a bill of La Poroni’s bar surfaced on the internet. Everyone was overheard buzzing asking why would someone spend that whole money yet Ugandans are not doing okay financially as the economy is so stiff.

Our very close snoops at La Poroni’s bar have come to reveal that, last night there was a huge table that had very many people on it. And on that very table, very many expensive drinks were on the table and it was manned and owned by Edrisa Musuza aka Eddy Kenzo.

Yes, you all have been looking for the big boy that chopped a whooping 31 million Ugx, and it is Eddy Kenzo that broke hell loose. This happened at La Poroni’s bar on a theme night called Chop Life Sundays and it happens every week.

We last saw such a huge bill last year where an unknown big boy also chopped more than 20m. So are we still shocked about the expenditure? Or it is okay, the person that spent it is a real big bull? We all know the economy is not fine for most of us, but you should know that it is not hard for everyone. Oli mwaavu wekka dear. 


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