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King’s College Buddo Hit by Homosexuality Scandal

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The rate at which sodomization of students in schools especially single sex ones, is alarming. Students are dying silently for fear of being expelled from schools and judged by society. We need to face reality, many young people are sexually active and only need information on how to protect themselves. Here is a sad homosexuality story of a King’s College Buddo student.

Alex (real names withheld) a 17-year-old boy whose through with his UCE is one of such students. During their leaver’s party at King’s College Buddo the students had a lot to drink and weed. Little did he know that this merry making party would turn out to be his worst night mare or rather life-changing experience through homosexuality.

We are not allowed to bring girls in to the boys’ dormitory, so my friends ended up sodomizing the five of us they found in the dormitory. They took turns on each of us. We feared to say anything to the administration since they would end up expelling us and we wanted to finish our exams and leave in peace,” he said.

On a similar account, Iganga SS expelled four female students in 2013 for engaging in acts of lesbianism. Mbarara High school also expelled over 20 students for viewing gay content on the internet. In 2018 St. Mary’s College came to the limelight on two different accounts of homosexuality to students.

Greenhill Academy was also forced into a public apology after a parent found gay reading material with her child. However, in 2017, the President of Mothers’ Union Ruth Ssenyonyi advised Ugandan schools
against expelling sexual-minority students since they are sexuality problems which should be addressed within the school setting and avoid extending it to communities.

Minister of State for Ethics and Integrity, Fr. Simon Lukodo said that the absence of tough laws to apprehend culprits encourages the spread of this homosexuality vice. Over 672 students are defiled and sodomized in schools and so schools found to be implicated in acts of sodomy deserve to be closed since such acts rob children of the future.


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Abused students opt for silence until they are identified by the school authorities or parents since
they notice a difference in the way the walk. Had Alex’s parents not noticed the difference in him, then no one would know or see the wounds he had acquired after this hideous act.

The alarming rates of homosexuality in schools render one to endless questions about the safety of
students and the credibility of “prom parties”. How shall parents protect their own children from such homosexual scenarios? Because it seems, for the teachers have grassed on this!

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Elijah Mutabuza

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