King Saha responds to Brian Mulondo’s stinking allegations

Singer Ssemanda Mansour famously known as King Saha has responded to radio presenter Brian Mulondo stinking allegations. Yesterday Brian Mulondo through his daily show on KFM exposed King Saha weird behavior. He said King Saha is always smelling weed even in public places and it is not pleasing to anyone out their.

Brian Mulondo asked King Saha’s manager to always buy him a chewing gum while going in public especially to perform at a wedding ceremony so that he doesn’t smell for the guests. He even hinted on other artistes who don’t bathe and those that are always drinking alcohol and smelling everywhere they go.

However when the news reached King Saha, he wasn’t happy about it. In an interview with a local radio station, King Saha said he is realising he has so many haters who want to put her brand down. He denied the allegations of smelling weed saying he knows how to go about everything and it is not okay for someone to go on radio and talk about him.

“I don’t know why people carry so much hatred on me. I don’t think I smell like they are saying I know someone is using Brian to put down my brand but trust me I am fully in and I will not go down. I have worked hard to be where I am right now,” King Saha said.

But Brian Mulondo is not the first person to talk about King Saha’s smoking behavior. In 2019, Bebe Cool commented about King Saha’s smoking and use of drugs but he was seen as an enemy, hated even up to now. Saha went ahead to do a song about Bebe Cool abusing him. For Brian Mulondo he has nothing to lose and he is not looking for publicity like it is always said when someone talks about an artiste.

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