Killers of Frank Will be Buried Upside Down – Rev Fr JohnMary Kiwanuka Curses

He added that the killers of Frank will rest in banana plantations not heaven

As Uganda has been covered in shock and grief about the brutal murder of Bobi Wine’s bodyguard, Frank Senteza. The taker of the show was a one Rev Fr JohnMary Kiwanuka who decided to throw curses. In his words, he said that whoever ordered for the killing of Frank, will have a pain for his life.

As masses convened to bid farewell to the NUP presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, it was all tears, hurting, grief and hate showcased. This whole dark mood has compelled the Reverend Father JohnMary Kiwanuka to sink in the boat and bitterly curse those that were involved in the killing of the youthful Senteza Francis.

“May the killers of those that ordered for the the killing of Senteza Frank be buried upside down. And the prayer is that may they rest in peace in plantations and not in heaven. Because they have not brought peace” Furious Rev Fr JohnMary Kiwanuka the Kilowoozo parish priest roared. This was at the requiem mass at the ancestral home of Francis Senteza.

Burial took place today in Masaka and People Power/NUP supporters were seen donning red attire a sign of solidarity as they carried the deceased to his final resting place. Before that, Bobi Wine received prayers from the Rev Fathers and wished him winning the presidential elections in 2021.

Times Uganda Frank Senteza Burial and Fr Rev JohnMary Kiwanuka Curses


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