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Khalifa Aganaga Attacks Bobi Wine Over NBS TV Accusations

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Singer Sadat Mukiibi alias Khalifa Aganaga has attacked Bobi Wine over his accusations against NBS Television, in which he alleged that the TV station broadcast false results and attributed them to him during the January 14th presidential election.

Bobi Wine, real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, who is the National Unity Platform (NUP) principal, today issued a protest letter against NBS TV, expressing disappointment over how the station broadcast the results from electoral process.

Bobi Wine alleges in his letter that the NBS TV managers colluded with the regime to tune the perception of the voters in believing that National Resistance Movement (NRM) candidate Yoweri Kaguta Msueveni was leading, even before the Electoral Commission had announced the results from various polling stations.
In the letter, Bobi Wine accused the Naguru based TV station of allegedly conspiring with Museveni’s regime to keep the incumbent in power.

“At the height of the most fraudulent election in our nation’s history, after the regime locked out credible election observers and cut off the internet; after the regime came out and said that no one except the Electoral Commission had the authority to release election results, NBS was at hand to assist the dictatorship in committing the most vile crime against the people of Uganda,” Bobi Wine’s letter reads in part.

However, ‘Khalifa Aganaga’, who denounced fellow singer Bobi Wine’s NUP to support and even campaign for long-serving president Yoweri Museveni’s NRM, has countered Bobi Wine’s accusations, which he
says are a reaction of desperation aimed at fuelling false hope amongst his supporters who religiously believe and follow his words.

“Everyone is becoming your enemy, I don’t think attacking the media is a win than a total loss. Soon CNN is next,” Khalifa Aganaga said on social media, suggesting that Bobi Wine just pressed the wrong button.
Bobi Wine in his letter warned that NBS TV should either apologise for broadcasting what he claimed was false information or be black-listed .

Bobi Wine claims that NBS Television attributed to him false results throughout their ‘live’ coverage of the election. He adds that the whole reporting by the Naguru based station was against him and his NUP party.
“NBS claimed to have established its own Tally Center (which other media houses were not allowed to do), and by 11:00pm, they were saying that Museveni had 63% from several districts. Most citizens wondered where these results were coming from,” Bobi Wine added.

Bobi Wine insists that NBS lied to the nation that the results being relayed were coming from Districts, some of which he claims had not even not finished tallying results by the time of their broadcast.
“Every sensible citizen could see that there was a deliberate ploy to create an impression that Gen. Museveni was in a steady lead nationally by broadcasting only results from hi strongholds,” he adds.

Bobi Wine also claims that for NBS TV to complete their well-calibrated plan, he lined up what he labelled ostensible analysts to justify the results.
He argued that such was clearly an intention to create the impression that Museveni was leading so as to dampen the spirits of the citizens who had roundly rejected Museveni’s rule as president.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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