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Kenyan artist copies Vinka’s Chips na Ketchup

We thought it were these Ugandan artists here who copy and paste beats from others but it seems that even artists from other countries copy our Ugandan beats too.
Well, a one Bahati, a Kenyan singer has copied and pasted Vinka’s Chips na Ketchup. The singer released his latest song called “tomato” but the beats and rythm are all from Chips na Ketchup. A few hours ago, the
singer posted on his social media handles premiering the song.

“Wataskia hii nawata commenti, Bahati, hana content. I…hawajui hii mechi umenifanya Messi…,” Which means,” they will hear this one and comment saying that Bahati doesn’t have content. They do not know
that this match has turned me into Messi…,” He wrote. It is always easy to fool Ugandans with copied beats from Kenya,Tanzania, DR Congo, Nigeria and other countries but for Kenyans, they will definitely blast you. As our own are being praised, Kenyans blasted and mocked Bahati telling him how his song was good to listen at zero
volume. Others told him that the video was good but the lyrics are not okey. Many reminded him that the beats were from Vinka’s Chips Na Ketchup.

Richie Manuels wrote, “apart from it be of zero content, you copy the whole Melody from Ketchup by Vinka.”
Bradlloyd Lorena commented, “I dropped out of school so that I can concentrate on this song and I’ve concluded that it is a copyright infringement of Vinka’s Ketchup song.”
Brian Derrick replied, “I can’t believe what I just watched on YouTube. I want my bundles back yawa.”
Abule Tong commented, “Nowadays you lack creativity, just singing about tomato, I guess next time will be about ugali(posho), what happened to the gospel songs?” Sir Kipruto Brian wrote, “bro I love your music so much, I like them playing at zero volume. Anyway this is a replica of Vinka’s Chips and ketchup.”

Prince Juliz commented, “the song sounds more of chips na Ketchup by Uganda’s Vinka.”
Robert Rachi Rachez replied, “how is nyanya connected to the cross or connected to Christ!! This artists will show us things jameni!!

Eunice Maturi commented, “Nothing formed against my bundles will prosper, meanwhile wacha nienjoy kuskiza ngoma za Willy Paul…”
As many blasted mocked him, there are some who perhaps must have copied the Ugandan solidarity and we’re supportive. A none Rembo Dash Hodari commented saying that even if he copied from Uganda,
they still have to support him since he is a fellow Kenyan.

“So Kama it’s from Uganda, tufanye nn as long as one imbwa na our Kenyan musician, we will still support him,” meaning, ” so if it’s from Uganda, what should we do? As long as it was sang by our own Kenyan,
we will still support him.” The singer has a number of songs including, “ndoto” featuring Mbogi Genje, “ntachaana tu” featuring Diana Maria, “taniua” featuring Boondocks Gang.

It is not yet certain what Swangz Avenue will do to the artist. Whether they will take legal action or let it pass like a loud but smelless fart. We shall keep you posted when Swangz responds to the fart.

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