Keep Your Relationships Private – Geosteady tells Mr. Henrie

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It’s no longer news about how mama Lusaniya Prima Kardashi and Galaxy FM presenter Mr Henrie are no longer an item. The pair parted ways a few days ago. One person that seems to be happy about this whole saga is singer Geosteady. The Viola singer during an interview on a local TV station said that its not good to always make fun of people.

This is because you don’t know where they are coming from and where they are going and this applies to everyone. It should be recalled that Mr. Henrie and Geosteady used to attack each other over Prima some time ago. Henrie wondered how a sane man could dump an ambitious and gorgeous woman like Prima.

Further, he made sure to rub it in the singer’s face how he was now the father of his two daughters Sorayah and Solange. This definitely pained Geosteady and no wonder he seems to be happy at the two breaking up. Geosteady however said that he doesn’t think he’s the reason the two broke up per rumors. This is because he doesn’t see himself getting back with Prima.

“You see it’s always not good to laugh at people because you don’t know where they are coming from or going and neither do you know your destiny too. This doesn’t apply to Mr Henrie alone but to everybody else” Geosteady started his say.

I also don’t think they broke up because of me as I’m not getting with Mama Sorayah back. I just love her as a friend, brother, sister and mother of my kids. I have someone who I love so much and I’m not willing to leave her for anyone. Besides people always break up so I think the two breaking up is normal,” Geosteady concluded.

It has been alleged that Geosteady’s reunion with Prima on co-parenting their two daughters put a strain on Prima and Mr. Henrie’s relationship. Prima however revealed that Mr. Henrie was too good to be true. Its the major reason she decided to pause their relationship.

Rumors of their 2 year old relationship coming to an end had swirled around for months. However, Prima’s trip to Dubai leaving Henrie behind was the final nail in the coffin for them.


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