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Lynette Xen Blasts Kayz for commenting badly on her pregnancy

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Media personality Kawalya Isaac Kayz is in trouble again after he made unpleasing comments about Urban television presenter Lynette Xen’s pregnancy. Beautiful Lynette Xen revealed that she was pregnant few months ago. She excitedly told her fans that it was the right time for her to settle and now she is going to be a mother.

After the reveal, the usual Kayz couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He went on television and criticized Lynette Xen saying she wasn’t ready to be a mother although she is flaunting it as if she is happy. Kayz said Lynette might be lying to her fans yet she doesn’t even know the father of her unborn baby.

So many people Kayz talks about never fire back at him but for Lynette Xen she couldn’t keep quiet. She went on her social media platforms and lashed out to Kayz telling him that every mother is Always happy when they are pregnant and his mother might have has negative comments too like he did to her.

Lynette Xen said ever since the death of Kayz’s mother he hasn’t minded about his own businesses. He is always in other people’s businesses something that is not good. She added on that being a mother is not a curse and Kayz should respect every mother.

“When your mother got pregnat with you am sure she was the happiest woman on earth
Am also sure so many people made harsh comments about her pregnacy like you made for me
But regardless she had you, raised you and now i believe you made her proud the time she was alive (God rest her soul😭)
But ever since she departed your big nose cant seem to be out of other peoples business
BEING A MOTHER IS NOT A CURSE ITS A BLESSING!!!! @kaiyzoffical256 Lynette Xen posted.

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