Jose Chameleone Abandons His Home and Shifts to Serena Hotel

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Musician cum politician Joseph Mayanja popularly known by his stage name Jose Chameleone can never stop making big surprises to the public, the undisputed one is when the singer decided to abandon his Seguku home and opt for Serena Hotel.

As the campaigns are yet to kick-off seriously, Chameleone is shooting high and putting in place new more strategies. In addition, to see him claim the mayoral seat come 2021. Jose Chameleone has hired 10 rooms at Serena Hotel and left his home that will see him handle all the camp which will act as his command centre for the campaigns.

In other news coming in from a trusted source have intimated that the Kampala city mayor aspirant Joseph Mayanja is shipping in a brand new SUV ride that will help him ease mobility in and around the city as he solicits support and votes.

Ever since Chameleone announced that he is set and focused on contesting as the Kampala city mayor, many naysayers came out predicting his hoax downfall due to his contradictory nature of life as portrayed in the music industry.

The strong will has grown over time with the overwhelming supports he (Chameleone) gets from the public towards his bid to contest for the mayor seat.


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