Joel Senyonyi’s wife celebrates his birthday in style

Former journalist, politician and National Unity Platform (NUP) Spokesperson Joel Senyonyi’s wife Febress Nagawa Ssenyonyi has celebrated his birthday in style. Joel Senyonyi married his beautiful wife in 2020 in a beautiful wedding ceremony and in 2021 they welcomed their first child baby Gianna.

Before Joel Senyonyi married, he publicly said he was a virgin and so many women were trying to seduce him but he was so determined to keep it for his wife. There weren’t any links of Joel Senyonyi’s dating before and his fans were surprised when he secretly held an introduction ceremony.

Everyone wanted to know about his wife but nothing was said because she looked ordinary although people thought he would marry a high profile woman. With their marriage, Joel Senyonyi looks to be enjoying every bit of it as he posts every good moments he gets with his child and wife. Senyonyi is a close friend to Bobi Wine and after marrying his wife also got close to Barbie Kyagulanyi Bobi Wine’s wife and the two have been working together in Charity works for young girls.

Even for the way they express their love, Joel Senyonyi and wife are doing it more like Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi like going for photoshoots and flaunting their marriage. Yesterday Joel Senyonyi was celebrating his birthday and his wife couldn’t be thrilled enough as she took it to her social media platforms.

Joel Senyonyi’s wife said she wishes him another year of laughter, love and friendship and unforgettable memories. She said she loves him to infinity and beyond ending her post in a hilarious way telling Joel Senyonyi to take her out.

“Cheers to another year of laughter, love, friendship and unforgettable memories. I love you to infinity and beyond. Happy birthday Taata Gianna. Mpoozi nekikilala, tegekaku wallet yo’kutwalako out!🤣,” Fabresss Senyonyi posted.

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