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JILTED: Tanasha Donna Sues Man That Claimed he Fathered Her Son

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A few days ago, a Tanzanian radio presenter Mwijaku claimed that he is the real father of the Kenyan
radio presenter, commercial model and recording artiste Tanasha Donna’s son, Naseeb Junior.
Tanasha Donna’s decision was influenced by a Tanzanian singer Ray C who accused the radio presenter for making a joke out of something that can easily turn into something big.

He said that Mwijaku’s actions are unacceptable and its beyond disrespect. He requested that this must end and requested Tanasha to get a lawyer and sue the Tanzanian radio presenter. In retaliation, she acted accordingly and we may see Mwijaku facing coolers for some days.

Tanasha get a lawyer and sue tgis b**** a** nigga. This is beyond disrespect. This has to stop. Its
not funny at all” Ray C said. Tanasha responded to Ray C saying that she has already contacted her lawyer and Mwijaku will be served soon. She also called him and empty tin since they make the loudest noise.

Empty vessels make the loudest noise sis. You know empty? He will be receiving a letter from my
lawyer soon. Let’s see if he will still be as enthusiastic by the time get us in court” Replied Tanasha
Donna. But still the child resembles 90% Mwijaku we may see DNA tests go forward.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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