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Jeff Kiwa of TNS Allegedly Fires Rahma Pinky

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It has ended in tears for upcoming talented singer Rahma Pinky. It is alleged that she has been fired by her manager Jeff Kiwa of Team No Sleep (TNS). Rahma Pinky was signed on to TNS early this year after Jeff Kiwa separated ways with his longtime artiste Sheebah Kalungi who he had been managing for more than ten years.

Alot was said after signing Rahma Pinky. Some of the rumors that were spread were like Jeff Kiwa signed a young artiste to revenge to Sheebah but it turned out that Sheebah was even more stronger and ready to keep her success after the separation. Now that Sheebah is moving forward, Jeff Kiwa started losing morale in managing Rahma Pinky because he was betrayed by Sheebah after bringing her to fame and doing for her multiple things in terms of her career and success.

Now Rahma Pinky has been in TNS for just few months and Jeff Kiwa can’t cope up with despite the push he has been giving her and raising her to fame slowly by slowly like he did for Sheebah. We are not sure if this news is true because none of them Jeff Kiwa and Pinky has said anything about it because this rumor was spread by the insiders who are so close to them.

However this is not new in Uganda, managers have been firing their artiste especially this year. Pallaso and Karma Ivan separated ways after a long time of working together and for them it became worse to the extent of going to courts of law. Serena Bata and Abtex also recently separated ways.

For them it was different because Serena Bata was fired through social media, she didn’t know anything about it apart from Facebook. It should be noted that the reason behind firing Rahma Pinky hasn’t been revealed but we shall keep you updated about everything.

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