It is Worse Than we Thought – Bruno K and Martha Kay Share Their COVID-19 Ordeals

Ugandan artiste Bruno K and top influencer Martha Kay are some of the over 30,000 Ugandans
that have contracted the coronavirus disease. The pair, like many others previously downplayed its severity.

However, their opinions have since changed after fighting off the deadly virus. The bummy Martha Kay revealed that she previously downplayed the disease but learned her lesson after a first-hand experience.

I was one of those people that thought COVID-19 was not real. I lived life like usual till I caught
the virus about a month ago. Woah! It wasn’t fun! I didn’t want to share that info for fear of the
stigma but I think it’ll help those living carelessly to know that COVID is real,” Martha Kay tweeted.

Bruno K also agreed and warned the public against being promiscuous with strangers.
Many of you are out there spreading foolish propagandas that COVID doesn’t exist but this is
so real and dangerous. You people who love kissing kissing strangers’ you are in serious
trouble,” he stated.

Bruno K further mentioned that he had never felt so helpless in his life until he fell sick.
Imagine struggling to breath, you can’t even hold your breath for just 10 seconds you feel like
you are suffocating… mwe temuzanyila ku COVID Kubanga I had never witnessed a disease
eluma nga COVID. If you are still healthy and safe, stay put on your mask whenever you are
around people and avoid handshakes, sijuyi hugs ebyo mubiveko,” he further warned.

Bruno K, Martha Kay are some of the few celebrities that have publicly confessed their ordeals about COVID-19.


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