Isma Olaxess Warns Madrat after joining Islam

Social media Blogger Isma Olaxess has called out comedian Madrat real name Dickson Lubega of the duo Madrat and Chiko not to joke with the Islamic religion. Madrat has been a Christian according to his name Dickson and was also seen attending Church at Pastor Bugembe’s Nansana church.

Like any other mature person, Madrat is in position to choose whatever he wants to be and his family especially when it comes to religion and a wat of living a spiritual life. Madrat did all this religion changing from Zanzibar where he had gone with his business partner Chiko for a performance and he will be returning to Uganda a new person.

According to Isma Olaxess, Madrat should know that Islam is a big religion and people shouldn’t be joking with it, if one changes let them change with good intentions and change for a reason. Isma said some celebrities change to Islam because of the good deeds their, favors and rich people in the Islamic religion that can even sponsor them to go to the holy land of Mecca.

Jajja Ichuli asked Madrat to focus on studying the religion first and he shouldn’t be behaving like he knows everything their just because he has joined and wanting to speak for the Muslims who have been their for their whole lives.

“I am glad Madrat has joined us the Muslims but I hope he has done it with good intentions and he means it. Islamic religion is not really a joking thing like the way Uganda celebrities take it. It needs commitment and also a heart of wanting to know more. If Madrat has changed thinking he will get favors from the Islams he should change his mind,” Isma Olaxess said

In Uganda so many musicians have changed to Islam but a few have stayed their like Geosteady who changed last year and he still looks stronger there.

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