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Is the Eddy Kenzo’s Return to Uganda From Ivory Coast a Political Gig?

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Well, many Ugandans have been stack and some still stack outside Ugandan due to the everyday increasing COVID-19 pandemic. This has led to the freezing of passenger flights and imposing of lockdown by many countries Uganda inclusive. And among those held out, there was Edrisa Musuuza aka Eddy Kenzo and he returned in the country. However, we have got a video that we critically analyzed, and here is what you should know about it.

Yes, we all wished he came back as being stranded from a foreign country is not traumatizing and he is visibly stressed and lost much weight a sign that things have not been easy. But upon his return with other Ugandans, he has welcomed particularly like a king amid chants a privilege that was not given to the over 900 Ugandans that were repatriated days ago and others he came with on the same flight. On his stepping on the ground, the Uganda flag was handed to him and asked to say ‘something’

In his speech that he was actually asked to deliver, he thanked the Uganda government first, Uganda Airlines, the people that helped him to come back and was again directed to talk about the inevitable quarantine procedure something that shocked us when he asked whether he is supposed to go under quarantine as well!

The mandatory quarantine is a procedure one is oriented about before being repatriated he/she has to do a mandatory COVID-19 test. In addition, and pay for a place where he/she will be quarantined if there are no more free public places. Hmm, surprisingly Kenzo didn’t know he was to be quarantined. And where did the other Ugandans he came with speak from? no one saw them. We were shown Kenzo alone, at least they would appreciate the government too.

Then this is the very person that they asked to let Ugandans know that there is a must to be into quarantine! This takes us to the fact which was revealed to us that Eddy Kenzo has been looked after by the government of Uganda which has been footing his hotel bills until he was to be back home. What a special case Eddy Kenzo is!

Anyways, we are still in the sweet mood of seeing him back with our own Uganda Airlines. However, what we should know is that more Ugandans are still stranded abroad, some are dying and many are on suicide watch. In addition, as they have spent all the money they had, now living on the mercy of the Lord. They should also be given chances to speak on their arrival like Kenzo was done. Therefore this will enable their people watch them and know they are back safely.

Welcome back Eddy Kenzo and other Ugandans that came with you.


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