Is Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa Dead or Alive? Here is the Truth

Social media has been covered by the death rumor of motor mouthed Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa. The same rumor alleges that this Muslim cleric has been bedridden for some time and thus his death. However, Times Corps have unearthed the truth about the question whether the Sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa is dead or alive.

Before we take a step forward, we should understand that Sheikh Sulaiman Lubega Guggwa dead rose to sheer fame and to be known by people especially non Muslims from his utterances he made recently. This was after the time he was given a chance to sit in president Museveni’s car.

And he came and said that even if he dies right away, and doesn’t go to Jannah (heaven), he has already gone to it or seen it by sitting in the presidents’ car. These words angered everyone and started terming his bootlicking tactics as vague and uncalled for.

He, also is known for authoring a book and it was launched by President Yoweri Museveni, entitled ‘Achievements of YK Museveni to the Muslim Community’ written by Sheikh Sulaiman Guggwa and launched at Kasangati, Gayaza in Wakiso District. He is also the Kampala Regional khadi in the Muslim society.

Now the truth, about his death rumor is that the Sheikh is not yet dead but, he is in a very critical health condition that calls for prayers. The cause of his sickness is yet to be established but, Muslims that have gone close to him assert that he complains the same symptoms like that the late Sheikh Muzaata complained of before he breathed his last.

He is currently the second Muslim cleric to be bedridden on ‘unclear’ circumstances after Muzaata. However, his family is still silent about what is eating him up, and we shall wait for the official communication from them. As for now, we should keep praying for him not judging him like how Social media critics have already started to wish him a death since he diverted from the ‘struggle’ and crossed to the NRM ruling party.


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