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Is Sasha Ferguson Cheating on Canary Mugume?, Find out here.

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Wondering if Sasha Ferguson has been cheating on mouth-watering NBS TV news anchor Canary Mugume, well wonder no more as we bring you the details of everything.

A Tanzanian lady known as Chantal has revealed that Sasha Ferguson has been running an affair with her husband, a white man known as Jim.

β€œI want to let the truth known.. Also, I DON T WANT my name to be public, nor my picture. I don t want any publicity. The pain I feel because of them I don t want to be in vain. I want people to see her real face not how she picture-perfect portraits her,” said a heartbroken Shantel.

In a quest to prove her point, she went ahead to share screenshots of chats between Sasha and her husband as well as pictures to show that the once WBS television presenter has been running a bilateral affair between Uganda and Tanzania.

According to Chantal, the relationship is not a new one and has been in existence since around 17th March as per the chat between the two.

The infuriated Sasha went ahead to shame Sasha Ferguson who despite being engaged to TV king Canary Mugume went ahead to sleep with her husband and soon-to-be father of her baby.

Although she tried to reach out to Canary and inform him of the impending doom, her appeal fell on deaf ears in both attempts to contact Canary and his mom.

β€œI have written to her husband not long ago before he proposed to her but he never saw my messages. I also wrote to Canary’s mum but the same..she never read my messages. To both of them I wrote on Fb Messenger,” she informed.


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This is not the first time Sasha Ferguson is being accused of being unfaithful to Canary, however, the couple just recently had their introduction, will bone in the flesh run their marriage, stay tuned for what is yet to come.

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