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Is Mutaasa Kafeero Really Dead? Here is the Whole Truth

Uganda’s media has been covered by the sudden ‘death’ of ageing tycoon and owner of the famous Mutaasa Kafeero Mall. That is located in the heart of Kampala city, and here is the whole truth about the rumor that Mutaasa Kafeero is dead.

Well, before we proceed let us have a look at the background of this. Mutaasa Kafeero and his wife were diagnosed with the killer Coronavirus (COVID-19) a few days ago. When their situations intensified, they were flown to Nairobi for better health care attention.

Then why his death rumor now? According to a source, there is a strong conspiracy suggesting that the tycoon died long time and the government still wants to take it easy and not cause panic to the public. The same story that happened when Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago was bedridden in Nairobi still.

This is strongly believed that it may stir Ugandans because he is a Muslim also, since strong Muslims have been dying of recent. But, the recent news getting to our desk indicate that Mutaasa Kafeero is still alive As well as his wife, they are just still under critical medical attention in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

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This has been confirmed by an inside source that says that, this still calls for calm as the country should keep praying for him and his wife to get better. The tycoon falls in the book of those that have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 with many more than 32,000 Ugandans that have been written in the same book.

Quick recovery Hajji Mutaasa Kafeero.


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