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Irene Ntale Eyeing Someone for a Relationship in 2021

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Irene Ntale’s message to the public at the morning of the new year is a prayer directed to men. The “Sembera” hit maker [ Irene Ntale ] seems to be eyeing someone following her tweet on her handle a few hours ago. The songbird prayed that God should protect good men from wicked women this year.

“Good men. May God protect you from wicked women this year,” Irene Ntale tweeted. It is rare to find a woman directing such a prayer to men. You will find most of them cursing the heavens for having brought them “wicked”
men. They have now called them stingy.

Could this be because she is eyeing someone and the tweet his directed to him? The singer has always kept her love life private and it’s only her closest friends who know of who stole her heart. However, many had always mistaken her closeness to Ray Signature as a love affair but she and Ray cleared the air sometime back that they were just friends.

Many artists who have fallen for one another had first told the public the same. Daddy Andre and Nina Rose had once told the public that they were sister and brother but how they ended up becoming husband and wife, an ordinary person would call that incest.

For Fik Fameica and Lydia Jasmine, they are still in their stage of claiming sisterhood and brotherhood but when the dark days unfold with a capital D from Lydia Jasmine, you will see the rush to announce one another as lovers. If Irene is eyeing someone, Glory be to God but we hope it is not Ray. Anyway, what’s wrong with it if it is him?

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