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Intensive Care Units Turn to Intensive Cash Units in Uganda as COVID-19 Cases Sour

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The COVID-19 treatment environment Uganda have now turned into a cash bonanza as the COVID-19 second wave sour in Uganda. This happens where many private hospitals are currently treating COVID-19 patients with the few oxygen cylinders they have and they extort exorbitant sums of money from people.

Many hospitals have found leisure in taking advantage of the covid-19 in Uganda situation to milk money from the vulnerable patients and care takers who have no choice but pay huge sums of money so as to get treatment. This comes to be well known after a sad story hits the internet.

Well, with the recent hospital bill receipt making rounds on social media, where Najjera Hospital charged a covid-19 patient a whooping 12,947,000 Million Uganda shillings to cover the treatment the patient received in twelve days but unfortunately the patient could only manage 3.5M leaving behind a heavy debt of 9,447,000 million shillings.

On seeing this, many people were left heartbroken and with no choice but praying to God to take
care of their loved ones. It is evident that a few Ugandans can afford to get this money without
getting help from friends and family or selling off their property.

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However, it should be remembered that Members of Parliament are not seated but trying as much as they can to stop this. A few days ago, Members of Parliament raised a concern as they petitioned the Prime Minister Nabbanja over the high costs of covid-19 Uganda treatment in mostly privately owned hospitals.

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Elijah Mutabuza

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