Ingrid Turinawe Trashes Her Joining NRM Rumor

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Social media, radios and televisions have been overwhelmed by the ‘breaking news’ of the FDC’s Iron Lady crossing to the NRM ruling party. This was parked by what she called a trumped up letter that has making rounds omn how Ingrid Turinawe reportedly crossed to the NRM.

This letter which through her team referred to as ‘useless’, Ingrid asserts that all this is a lie and it is being spread by FDC members and some ‘gullible’ NRM people to run her political efforts down. In a write up by a one Muhinda Ronald, it is alleged that it is DP’s candidate for Mityana Municipality that received money from NRM events organizer and broker Balaam Barugahara to protect Museveni’s vote.

In a letter that reportedly ‘leaked’, it shows that NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumuba was writing to the NRM Chairperson HE Yoweri Museveni last year in december. Informing him how she disbanded whooping sum of 300 million Ugx.

This shows that it was meant to facilitate Ingrid Turinawe Kamateneti in her Rukungiri ongoing campaigns as a n NRM candidate. And it is for December last year 2020, something that means that she had crossed long time to the NRM party.

But still, loopholes have been sighted in the letter, first it shows that the money was put on a Ingrid’s bank account without mentioning it. Then also, the name Rukungiri has grammar errors as it starts with small letter (r). More so, the date of voting for the Members of Parliament is wrong, it states 14th January 2021 yet is is not the real date.

Ingrid Turnawe crosses to NRM
Letter in Question

It should be put on a  note that, Ingrid Turinawe Kamateneti was recently kicked out of the FDC party in an official letter for violating party rules. This was following the fact that she is not legally chosen to run the Member of Parliament race under the FDC ticket, yet she is campaigning under the same party.


Our investigative team have taken its time to go ascertain the lady that is being shown putting on yellow dresses saying it is Turinawe Ingrid. It is true, these two ladies look alike, like 80% but the real names of the woman being used by propagandists as we may say is called Jane K Bainomugisha.

She is actually contesting for the Woman Member of Parliament in Western Uganda’s Ibanda district, and she is under the NRM ticket. And the photos being used are those of her on her campaign rallies donning yellow attire.

Bainomugisha K Jane the Woman Referred to as Ingrid


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