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If I go back to school, Can’t I join politics – Bad Black Asks

Shanitah Namuyimba commonly known as Bad Black shows her interest in politics. She questioned her socials if she can join politics after going back to school for senior four and six certificates.

For a long time now Bad black has proudly called herself Masolo queen. She says she earns a living and she has also managed to live a good life as a prostitute. However, she has now gotten a second thought of maybe going back to school and attain an O level and A level Certificates so that she can be able to join politics.
Bad black took it on her social media platform saying that even if she has a criminal record of embezzlement. She did not embezzle government funds but she a man who used to feast on her. She alluded from the Bible telling her socials that she can also become the Delilah of NRM.

“If I go back to school to get S4&S6 Certificate can’t I join politics even if knowing that I have a criminal record of embezzlement though it wasn’t government money. It was a man who used to chew my bean. It’s 7days now thinking to become Delilah to NRM hope you remember her in the Bible. You have heard of a story of Samson. I am just thinking out loud” Bad black posted.

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