I Will Not Seek Re Election in 2021 – Winnie Kiiza

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Winnie Kizza is a known Ugandan female teacher and politician who has served as the leader of opposition in the Ugandan parliament. Kizza’s entry into full time politics occurred in 1996 to 2001 political season, during which she served on the Kasese District local council as the District secretary for finance.
In 2001, she was re-elected to the district council, serving as secretary for education and later secretary for social services. She contested for Kasese district women’s parliamentary seat in 2006, on the opposition forum for Democratic chance (FDC) political party ticket. She won’t and was elected in 2011 and 2016. In may 2016, Kizza was appointed as the leader of opposition in the parliament of Uganda.
While appearing on NTV today, 14th July 2020, Winnie Kizza that she will remain active with the forces of change but she is not standing again. Kizza said that she has talked and talked of over staying in power. She added saying that though the people of Kasese still wanted her, she will not be different if she sought office this time.
I have talked and talked of over staying in power. I know the people of kasese still loved and wanted to continue being their Member of parliament. The job I loved doing because I had the back of my people. But I think its time I retired because will not be different if I sought office again.” Winnie said.
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Elijah Mutabuza

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