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I will be kidnapped to post a man – Sheebah Karungi

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Singer Sheebah Karungi also known as karma queen Sheebah has revealed that it will be tough for her to post a man on her social media platforms unless she is kidnapped or paid to do so. Sheebah has been in the music industry for more than 10 years. She started her career as a dancer moving in different bars and clubs to earn a living.

But later she decided to try singing and met an amazing manager Jeff Kiwa who she has been working with for the whole of her life in the music career starting with ‘ice cream’ which broke her through the music industry. With rumors that Sheebah is hooking up with her manager Jeff Kiwa, early this year 2022, they separated and Sheebah officially started handling her music career management.

Despite all the criticism that she will not make it, the Muwomya singer revealed that she has been doing most of the work for herself. She added on that it is not Jeff Kiwa who made her popular, she also put in her personal effort to her where she is. 33 years old Sheebah is also not married and has one children. On top of that Sheebah has never come public about any of her relationship in her fame years and no one has ever seen her boyfriend.

According to Sheebah, she is not into men and she doesn’t see herself getting married at any time although she wants only one child because she loves children. Talented Sheebah said she will never post any man on her platforms as her lover. In case you see her posting, know she is kidnapped or she has been given sums of money to do it.

“The moment you see me posting a man, I’ll either be kidnapped, or he will have paid me to post him,” Sheebah Karungi

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