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I have always admired the Islamic Religion – Geosteady

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Uganda singer and producer kigozi George William alias Geosteady says he has always admitted the region he just joined because it has been running in his blood

While appearing in an interview, Geosteady revealed he was born a Moslem because his father only left Islam because he was marrying from a different religion. He said that this is not a decision he just made but it’s something he has thought about for a long time. He says he is happy about the fact that he finally joined the religion of his dreams. Additionally, he revealed that he loves the Islamic religion because personally, he loves to live in a community where people are united. Geosteady says his decision was final and could not be overruled.

“Changing my religion to Islam has been running in my blood for a long time. I was born a Muslim, my father only left Islam because he was marrying from a different religion. Also, I am so happy that I finally got what I wanted. I have for a long time admired Moslems because they have an element of Unity. I personally like living n a united community. Additionally, I am happy about my decision. I am also ready to follow the Islamic norms and beliefs.” Geosteady said.

It should be noted that Geosteady now owns the Hassan name which he says he also chose for himself.

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