I don’t know how alcohol tastes – Sweet Kid clears

Legendary singer Sweet Kid real name Musa Sserwada cleared his name and fame saying throughout his music career he has never tasted any alcohol or drugs like any other artistes. Sweet Kid started his music career 15 years ago, hustling and pushing like any other artistes but he was lucky enough that he managed to make it and become famous.

He did songs with Juliana Kanyomozi which has kept his name sounding in the ears of Ugandans despite stopping to release music years ago. With music failing to pay off like he expected, Sweet Kid decided to focus on his family which he says is everything to him as he moved to Germany with them to start a new good life.

Fans were all wondering where he could be what reasons could have stopped him from singing because his music career was already successful. According to Sweet Kid, the music industry is full of temptations like women, drugs and alcohol. Those are some of the reasons he quickly quit music because his family was so strict on him that they even threatened to abandon him if he takes drugs.

Sweet Kid revealed that he has never tasted alcohol and drugs in his life. He said he is now into business that keeps him closer to his family and less temptations from the world. “Despite being a passionate musician and all that comes along with celebrity fame, I never tasted any alcohol or drugs because my parent threatened to banish me from home if I lost track of my life,” Sweet Kid, Businessman

He went ahead to applaud wives of musicians saying they are heroes because they are persistent and patient despite what their men do out their with other women. “Women are heroes, being a musician comes with so many temptations and on this note, I would like to applaud all wives to musicians for their persistence and patience” Sweet Kid, Businessman.

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