I Delayed My Blessings In National Unit Platform :- JOSE CHAMELEON

The Leone Island boss Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon says he realized that he delayed his blessings while running around with the people power party.

It should be remembered that a month ago, he was gifted with a brand new car. This pushed him to publicly denounce his support for the National Unit Platform to The National Resistance Movement.

In his recent interview with a local television, Jose Chameleon revealed that he regrets all the time he spent in NUP. He branded the opposition people as a party that focuses on abusing anyone that with a great view. He added saying that for now he doesn’t care about what people think of him. Jose is though focusing on winning more people to his new party.
“I even delayed joining the government. With NRM there is hope and room fir a dialogue unlike in the opposition where they specialize in abusing people with great ideas. The opposition tries to paint a picture of hopelessness among the citizens yet many are progressing in various ways. I regret believing in them,” he said.


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