I Dedicate Samali Album to All Broken Down Women – Sheebah

If You Are Emotionally Weak, Do Not Read this Message She Wrote

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Just hours after the Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah Karungi released her most awaited for SAMALI album, she could not wait to break the ice and tell her people what the album is all about and she had to post a lengthy message explaining what it is about and more so, she took the time to dedicate the album to all women but who fall in a specific category of “hurting and moving stronger”

In her very emotional message, Sheebah asserted that women go through a lot but they keep moving forward. In addition, that they get hurt and they pretend that all is okay with their lives when they are dying a thousand and times daily. She went on to say that if all women could stand those challenges and still move on top of betrayal and hurting, then they deserve to be dedicated the album.

SAMALI is my Fifth Album . This Samali Album is so special to me and I would like to dedicate it to all my women out there. I truly believe that A woman, is one of the most complex but amazingly graceful creations of God.

We as women have to endure a lot in life. And we women are predefined by society: “you should be doing this” you should be this and that”. In addition, which puts pressure on us, we can’t even be who we want to be” Sheebah started her painful message top women.

Women often give away their strength and energy to please undeserving partners, trying to build a future on loose sand. Therefore, I dedicate this album to the women in this world who feel deeply. For those who stay messy-hearted in a world that may not always be kind to them. For the women who are doing whatever they have to do to make it to tomorrow. In addition, the women who get up in the morning when they do not want to. Also, the women who face what is scarred within them. In addition, the women who are working every single day to be gentle. In addition, and soft with themselves when they have been given every reason to harden.” Sheebah Karungi went on to stress her pain for the female gender.

I dedicate this album to the women who believe in something hopeful; the women who feel everything intensely and allow themselves to feel that way. I dedicate this album to the human beings who shout their love from rooftops.

In addition, who share their hearts with the world. This album is for the women who are fighting to be better, fighting to heal even when it hurts. Also, fighting to believe with everything they have within themselves that they have a purpose here. In addition, they belong here, and that they deserve to take up space. I know how much courage it takes to be that kind of person. Also, how much courage it takes to heal, and to let go. This is my testament to these rare and beautiful souls, this is my way of saying you’re not alone & I love you ! Yours truly” Sheebah concluded her statement.
I Dedicate Samali Album to All Broken Down Women - Sheebah
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