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I can’t get off drugs – Ronald Alimpa tells fans

Upcoming and notorious artiste Ronald Alimpa has assured fans that he can’t get off drugs and he has no plans of ever doing that at any moment. Ronald Alimpa rose to fame early this year after his song ‘Lusuku lwa cement‘ went viral on Tiktok and other social media platforms.

The media and other well wishers like Mama Fina were in to help Alimpa with whatever he needed to continue blowing the music industry with his talent but his behavior couldn’t let him go far. Last month he got an accident while going to perform in the village and he was left severely injured while other people he was travelling with died.

When some media personalities talked about Alimpa, he abused them saying they are just clout chasers and he said they should stop talking about him no matter what. As the media backed down, Ronald Alimpa turned to his mother and started publicly disrespecting her saying she is jealousy and wants romantic love from him.

Talented Alimpa told his mother that she is the reason why his father left her for other women because she is very jealousy. All this behavior about Alimpa was said to be out of drug use especially marijuana that he has been using for a long time. According to Alimpa, marijuana is part of his life and he will never leave it so people should even stop talking about it.

He added on that he suffered at a young stage without food and anywhere to sleep in the night. The only comfort was marijuana and it is still comforting him through this process of sickness.

“Its true I smoke marijuana and people should know that I am not getting it off at anytime. I started smoking at the age of 12 years when I was homeless with no where to stay and at the moment I am used to it it can’t get off me. So people should stop wasting time because that has been my life ever since I was a child,” Ronald Alimpa said.

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