HOT 100 fm Radio shuts down due to Bankruptcy

It’s sad to announce the discontinuation of the broadcasts for HOT 100 fm after twenty years of
entertainment and rocking with the Ugandans.

“HOT 100 fm Radio of 100.9MHz shut down its businesses over accumulated debts. They are in
too many debts and failed to pay employees for some good months,” according to different

The radio station has been in existence for more than 20 years and was popularly known for
playing urban and a little mixture of Luga flow music.

HOT100 fm also passed on a grateful message to the fans that have been supporting it since the
first day it started airing, listening and never giving up.

Different Ugandans and listeners also wrote down their sad comments on the departure of the
best HipHop station around town.

Will miss you. I’ve been an ardent listener since 2006. From the beginning it was a risky niche
business. You did well though. 20 years isn’t a joke,” wrote Nicholas Ariho.

“Oh no! You made our campus days fun. The dial was always on Hot100. I still remember your
tag line “Kampala’s Mostest Hip Hop and RnB” with funky show hosts. Big Kahuna, Lady Bizzo
and Captain DMS were my favorite. You guys revolutionized Hip Hop and RnB in Uganda,”
stated Emmanuel Boboli.

Official quitting statement from HOT 100 fm management

HOT 100 fm might have closed due to internal factors but it is urged that many media observers
and scholars in Uganda suggest that contemporary media audiences are trending upwards in a
major shift towards giant social networking platforms. This means that HOT100 might be
planning for something big on the market.


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